Brookwood farms

Covenants / Restrictions Summary

  1. The minimum square footage of finished heated living area required for a 2 Story residence is 3,000 square feet. After construction begins, the residence is to be completed within a 12 month timeframe.

  2. All residential plans, site plans and improvements approved by the Architectural Committee.

  3. Exterior walls of the residence shall be at least 75% brick, stone, or stucco.

  4. Roof pitch, covering the main portion of the residence, must be a minimum of 12/12.

  5. Outbuildings may be erected on any home site, provided it is architecturally compatible with the house and approved by the Architectural Committee prior to construction.

  6. No fence or wall may be erected on any home site until the plans, specifications and design thereof have been approved by the Architectural Committee. Fencing is not permitted forward of the front building setback line.

  7. Only in-ground swimming pools are permitted.

  8. Home site may not be lot-split.

  9. Minimum of 3-car, side-entry garage.

  10. Mailbox pedestals shall be masonry, compatible with the house.

  11. No inoperative vehicle shall be stored or parked on any home site. Any vehicle, including but not limited to any type of trailer, boat, terrain-type vehicle, motorcycle, travel trailer, camper, horse trailer, tractor, recreational vehicle, vehicle in excess of 3/4 ton, and other large equipment, must be housed. These vehicles shall not be located, parked, or stored within a front, side and/or rear yard for more than 24 hours.

  12. No motorcycles, three and four-wheel vehicles including ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) and motor bikes of any kind, shall be operated for recreational purposes on streets or Common Areas within BrookWood Farms.

  13. Permanent basketball goals shall be positioned behind the rear building line of the Home. Variances may be allowed to position the goal between the front and rear building lines, on the driveway side of the Home, where applicable.

  14. Maintenance equipment/materials must be obscured from street view and adjacent home site(s) and/or neighbor(s). If items are not housed, a wood privacy fence must be utilized to screen these items from view.

  15. Safe rooms (i.e. - storm shelters) must be constructed within the interior of the residence and the only access may be from the interior of the residence. Construction of a safe room is optional.

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